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Sweets for the Sweet

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6

Dramatic Play/Pretend & Play/House Corner




Social Studies




3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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three small tables and four small chairs
cash register and pretend money
paper cups and plates
biscuit cutters
loaf pans, muffin cups, and muffin tins
rolling pins
serving trays
powdered sweetened drink mix
small pitchers
baker’s hat or headband
several small aprons
small clipboards and notepads


1. Take the children on a field trip to a local bakery or donut shop. Watch as the
bakers make donuts and bake and decorate cakes. If possible, invite a local
baker to visit the classroom and show the tools of the trade to the children.
2. Encourage the children to help set up a bakery in the classroom.
3. On one table, place tools for making baked goods (biscuit cutters, loaf pans,
muffin cups, muffin tins, and rolling pins), serving trays, and playdough.
4. On another table place the cash register and pretend money.
5. Place one or two tables with two chairs each in another area to make a
dining area.
6. Add hats, hairnets, and aprons to the dress-up clothes.
7. Show the children how to mix juice from the powdered drink mix.
8. Encourage the children to use the materials freely during center time. This
activity offers many things for everyone to do. Two children can be bakers as
they use the playdough and baking tools to make donuts, muffins, and
cakes. One child can be the cashier, and two others can seat the customers
and take orders using clipboards, notebooks, and pencils.
9. Supervise this activity closely so that the children do not reuse the paper
cups. Make sure they throw away used cups in the trash can.
10. Occasionally put more powdered drink mix in the area. It is sure to go fast!
More to do Make real cupcakes with the children. Purchase cupcake mix or use a favorite
recipe. Make sure the children do all the measuring and mixing of ingredients.
Let children eat the cupcakes for snack, or they can sell them in their “bakery.”
Give the parents pretend money as they arrive to pick up children, and they
can buy cupcakes from the bakery.

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