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Sun Tag

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6

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3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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two yellow soft foam discs or two pieces of yellow paper
two folding chairs


1. This game can be played outdoors or in a large play area inside.
2. Select two children to represent “sunrays.” Give a yellow foam disc or piece of
paper to both of them. (For larger groups, more sunrays can be used.)
3. Ask the other children to pretend to be enjoying a day at the “beach.”
4. On the teacher’s signal, the children move through the play area.
5. If a child is tagged by a “sunray,” that child must remain still and say, “I’m
melting.” The child then acts as if he is melting.
6. Another child at the beach uses an imaginary hose to spray down the
melting child to cool him off, and then escorts him to a shaded area for a
drink of water, an application of sunscreen, and a pair of sunglasses and a
hat. Then he can rejoin the play. To make a shaded area indoors, place two
chairs side by side and spread a sheet over the top of the chairs. Outdoors, a
designated tree can represent the shaded area.
7. If children are tagged a second time, the process is repeated. This is a great
way to reinforce the need to reapply suntan lotion and drink plenty of fluids
while outside.
8. This game may be played in rounds by designating approximately two
minutes per round. Between each round, have children sit while new sunrays
are selected. Make sure the children all know who the sunrays are.
9. Safety issues to consider:
* Make sure all obstacles are removed from the area.
* Check to see that all shoes are tied.
* Have boundaries clearly marked.
* If playing in a small space, emphasize the word “WALK” or other slowmoving
* Emphasize to the “sunrays” to use GENTLE touches using foam or paper
only in contact.

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