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Styrofoam Guitar

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Art & Craft Activities for Children 3 to 6

The Arts: Visual Arts


Fine Motor




Individual Child

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Styrofoam food trays, one per child
Markers in assorted colors
Rubber bands in assorted sizes


1. Have the children color their tray with markers.
2. When they finish coloring, have the children choose five rubber bands in different sizes and
stretch them around their tray.
3. Invite the children to strum their new guitar. Encourage them to feel the vibration of the tray
and listen to the differences in pitch produced by the rubber bands.
More to do
Music: Bring in a real guitar. Let the children strum the guitar, or play it for them. Make a “junkyard”
band with objects you find in the classroom. Play recordings of flamenco guitar and classical
guitar by Andre Segovia and Julian Bream; rock and roll by Eric Clapton; and folk guitar by Pete
Science: Learn more about pitch by pouring different amounts of water into glasses; gently tap
each glass with a spoon, noting the differences in sound.

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