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Sticky Windowpanes

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Art & Craft Activities for Children 3 to 6

The Arts: Visual Arts


Fine Motor




Individual Child

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Collage materials such as scraps of wallpaper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, foils, construction
paper, cellophane wrap, magazines, greeting cards, and fabric; pieces of yarn, thread, and ribbon;
feathers, sequins, leaves, pressed flowers, small twigs, and thin pieces of bark
Two-sided tape
Clear contact paper
Colored masking or trim tape


1. Prepare a display of the collage materials ahead of time.
2. Apply a piece of two-sided tape to each child’s work surface to prevent their paper from moving
around while they work.
3. Cut two pieces of clear contact paper the same size. Remove the protective paper from one
sheet and lay it on the work surface, adhesive side up.
4. Invite the children to choose a selection of collage materials and arrange the materials on their
contact paper. Older children can cut pieces of material from the scraps you provide. Instruct
the children to leave space between the materials.
5. When the children have finished designing their collage, remove the protective paper from the
second sheet of contact paper and lay it on top of the first sheet.
6. Trim the contact paper as needed and frame the edges with masking tape.
7. Hang the collages in front of windows in the classroom and enjoy.
More to do
Math: Cut the contact paper into triangles, circles, and squares before adding collage materials.
More art: Have older children design a quilt pattern using strips of paper as seams to separate
individual squares of contact paper.
Science: Cut the contact paper into the shape of a butterfly and invite children to design identical
patterns for each wing. Attach string and hang the butterflies from the ceiling or at the window.

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