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Stained Glass Window

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Transition Activities for Children 3 to 6



The Arts: Visual Arts


Fine Motor


4 Years Old


Individual Child

PDF Available


pictures of stained glass windows
colored markers
tacky craft glue or hot glue gun (adult only)
sheets of transparency (clear) paper


1. Make “stained glass windows” with the children to hang in the classroom
window. Looking at these helps children relax and calm down when
transitioning to quiet activities.
2. Show the children pictures of stained glass windows.
3. Demonstrate how to draw the outline of a stained glass window on paper with
a pencil. They can draw a closed pattern in any shape (rectangle or circle).
4. Encourage them to connect the interior of the shape with straight or
squiggly lines, trying to make patterns.
5. Help the children use tacky glue to trace their pattern on the transparency
paper. If using hot glue, an adult must do this step.
6. Let the glue dry for several hours, until no longer tacky. The glue from a glue
gun will be ready as soon as it cools.
7. Encourage the children to use markers to color between the lines of glue.
Since the glue is raised, it’s easy to color between the lines!
8. Attach your creations to the window and wait for the sunshine to stream through.

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