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Spider Menus

Spider menus-01


  1. stories about bugs, spiders, and grasshoppers
  2. chart paper
  3. markers
  4. large cardboard paper with spider stickers and a menu written on it
  5. spider stickers
  6. Styrofoam balls one for each child
  7. black paint
  8. black pipe cleaners
  9. wiggle eyes


  1. Read a story about spiders with the children.
  2. Encourage the children to help create a "spider menu" to use in a restaurant play. Ask them what a spider would want to eat if he could go to a restaurant. List their responses on a large sheet of paper.
  3. Cut cardboard or sturdy paper into 6" x 9" rectangles. Give one to each child to make his own spider menu. Encourage them to copy some of the items from the chart paper and decorate with spider stickers.
  4. Make Styrofoam spiders with the children. Give each child a Styrofoam ball to paint black. Provide black pipe cleaners for legs and wiggle eyes.
  5. The spiders can "read" the menus!

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6
Center: Dramatic Play/Pretend & Play/House Corner
Topic: Bugs/Ants/Insects/Spiders
Content: The Arts: Dramatic Arts
Area: Cognitive
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Large Group

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