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Silvery Star Banners!

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Summer is full of national holidays, from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Next Friday, June 14th, is the anniversary of the adoption of the United States flag--otherwise known as Flag Day! Though it is not an official federal holiday, it is widely celebrated. Here's a fun flag-making idea for you to do with your children, at home or in the classroom, to commemorate it! 


Silvery Star Banners

These are great to do for Flag Day--and you can use them for other holidays, such as Independence Day and Labor Day, as well!



  • pictures of flags
  • star stickers
  • large blue paper
  • 8 1/2" x 11" paper
  • markers


What to Do

1. Show the children the flag; then, show them flags from other countries to compare colors and designs. Which one is their favorite? Which one is their least favorite?

2. Provide 50 stars and a large blue rectangle. Encourage the children to arrange and count the stars. Do they understand why there are 50 stars?

3. Invite the children to create their own flags or a family flag.


You can encourage the children to make multiple flags--and invite them to create their own fun holiday to celebrate with their flags, as well.This activity has been adapted from The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities. For more fun holiday-related activities, check out The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities.

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