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Silly Syllable Activity Ideas for Kindergarten

Syllable Awareness Activities | Gryphon House

Early childhood literacy plays a crucial role in the future development of young children, impacting them cognitively and in academic areas beyond literacy, like math and science. Early literacy development allows children to start forming their own understanding of concepts like problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity while improving their own pre reading skills. Lessons focusing on literacy concepts like syllables, and other early literacy activities for Kindergarten are a great way to prepare your little learner for growth in their early literacy skills.

The more exposure to early childhood literacy that children have, the more prepared they’ll be for their future in school. Additionally, introducing pre reading skills early on helps instill a lifelong love for reading in young children, something that will take them far in their academic futures!

Here are some activities you can use to introduce the literacy concept of syllables to your little learners today!


Syncopated Names


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What to do

  1. Introduce the idea of syllables by clapping out each child’s name as you call them for a transition. For example, Re-be-cca (three claps), Ja-son (two claps).
  2. Speed up, slow down, or sign the names as you clap to keep the children interested.
  3. Ask the children how many sound sets are in their names.
  4. Add middle and last names for more of a challenge.


Clapping Patterns

Understanding patterns can help children grasp the concept of syllables more easily!


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What to Do

  1. Clap your hands in a pattern and encourage the children to try and follow the pattern. For example, clap two times fast and two times slow.
  2. You can extend the pattern by stamping your feet, snapping your fingers, or clapping on other parts of your body such as your head or knees.
  3. After the children are familiar with the activity, let them take turns leading the pattern. 

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