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Sign Language Alphabet Book

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Art & Craft Activities for Children 3 to 6

The Arts: Visual Arts


Fine Motor




Individual Child

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The Handmade Alphabet Book by Laura Rankin
Copy machine
Felt-tipped pen
Hole punch
Brads or notebook binder rings
Tag board


1. Share The Handmade Alphabet Book or a similar book with the children.
2. Reproduce a picture of the sign language for the letters A through Z on individual sheets of
paper. Distribute the papers to the children.
3. Help the children think of an object that starts with the letter on their page and invite them to
draw a crayon picture of the object.
4. With a felt-tipped pen, write a sentence on each page such as “A is for alligator.”
5. Punch holes in the pages and bind them with brads or rings, adding a decorative tag board
6. Let the children bring the book home for a few days at a time to share with their families.
More to do
Guest: Invite a group that performs using sign language, inspiring the children to learn the language.
Music: Sign while singing the ABCs.

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