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Shape Tunnel


large, sturdy cardboard cartons
scissors (adults only)
packaging tape


l Open each carton at both ends.
l Cut large openings on the opposite sides of the cartons in the shapes the
children are learning.
l Attach the cartons together in a long line by taping the flaps at each end to
the next box. You should now have a strong cardboard tunnel with
"windows" in assorted shapes.
What to Do
1. Let the children take turns entering the tunnel and crawling out through a
shape window of their choice.
2. When each of the children has done this once, see if they can remember and
follow several instructions at once. For example, ask a child to "Crawl out of
the diamond window, back in through the circle window, and come out."
3. With older children, increase the types of window shapes and the number of
instructions to follow.
4. When the children are ready, start introducing adjectives such as circular, semicircular,
and triangular.
This Is the Church (Traditional)
This is the church, (hold hands down with fingers interlocked)
This is the steeple. (put up both index fingers in the shape of a steeple)
Look inside. (children turn hands over, still with interlocked fingers)
And see all the people. (wiggle fingers to indicate people)
To assess the children's learning, consider the following:
l Do the children recognize the shapes in such a different context?
l Can the children recognize shapes by name?
Book: Learn Every Day About Shapes
Center: Group Games
Topic: Shapes
Content: Mathematics
Area: Gross Motor
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Small Group

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