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Shake a Shape


empty boxes with lids
empty plastic Easter egg
12” balloon
transparent tape
masking tape


l Draw one shape on each box.
l Place the beads inside the deflated balloon and blow it up to about 4" in size.
Tie and knot the balloon.
l Place one to three tablespoons of beads inside each box and the plastic egg.
Tape the boxes and the egg at the seams.
What to Do
1. Show the children the shape shakers. Demonstrate how to move each shaker
to make a sound.
2. Invite the children to sit in a circle formation. Pass the shakers around the
circle and have children shake and identify each shape.
3. Select a favorite class song and invite five children to come forward.
4. Have the children shake the shapes as the rest of the children sing the song.
5. Sing the song several times until all the children have a turn shaking the
6. Challenge the children to pay attention to the rhythm of the music, and to
shake their shapes in time to the song.
7. Engage the children in a discussion about the shapes on the boxes.
Teacher - to - Teacher Tip S
l Create several shakers of each shape so a larger number of children can play
them at a time.
l For extra fun, cover the boxes with colored shape-themed wrapping paper or
decorate all the shakers using paper shapes, stickers, or other art supplies.
To assess the children's learning, consider the following:
l Can the child identify the shape she is shaking?
l Can the child shake her shape shaker in time to the music?
Book: Learn Every Day About Shapes
Center: Music & Movement
Topic: Shapes
Content: Mathematics
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Small Group

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