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Rolling Ball Painting

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Art & Craft Activities for Children 3 to 6





The Arts: Visual Arts


Fine Motor




Individual Child

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What to do
1. Have the children spoon two or three colors of paint onto their paper.
2. Cut a piece of plastic wrap slightly larger than the paper.
3. Lay the piece of plastic wrap over the paper.
4. Encourage the children to gently rub and twist the wrap with their fingertips, squishing the colors
5. Let the painting dry with the plastic wrap on it. The plastic wrap will stick, creating an interesting
More to do
Language and Math: Older children can write alphabet letters and numbers with their fingers.
More art: Provide the children with fingerpaint and trays for a similar project.


What to do
1. Place a piece of paper in a box.
2. Invite the children to spoon two or three colors of paint onto the paper.
3. Have the children drop three or four marbles or golf balls in the box, then tilt the box back and
forth and sideways. The balls will create a design as they roll through the paint.
More to do
More art: Do the same activity using large boxes so that two or three children can make a design
together, or cover the bottom of a small plastic swimming pool with paper, squirt paint on the
paper, and add tennis balls; encourage the class to work together.
Movement: Have the children roll balls back and forth indoors or outside.

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