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Rocket Ship


Large box, such as a refrigerator box
Matte knife (adult only)
Two empty wastepaper baskets
Silver duct tape
Small chairs
Tempera paint and brushes


1. Make the rocket ship before the children arrive. Start by turning the
refrigerator box on one side, with both ends closed.
2. Cut a door into the side of the box.
3. Turn two wastepaper baskets on their sides and tape them to one end of the
box. These are the “rocket boosters.”
4. Put two chairs inside the box for the astronauts to sit on.
5. Use tempera paint to decorate the outside and inside of the spaceship,
creating dials and gauges. If desired, ask the children to help you with this
6. Put the rocket ship into the Dramatic Play area and encourage the children to
take turns playing “spaceship.”
More to do
Science: Put peel-off stickers of the planets on the window of the room and
discuss them. Brainstorm what they think they would find on another planet. Ask
them what they would take with them if they traveled in a spaceship.

Book: GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 3-Year-Olds

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