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Rock Garden


Books on landscaping and gardens
big and small rocks
garden tools


1. Help the children design a garden. Bring in landscaping and gardening books for them to look at for ideas.
2. Try making an outdoor rock garden on the playground.
3. Ask the children to find rocks by their homes and bring them in. Buy some plants from your local garden store, or ask parents to donate them.
4. On a nice day, bring in gardening tools and let the children plant and set up the garden.
5. Look for big rocks on the playground or in the ground while digging up your flowerbed.
6. If you wish to keep your rock garden year after year, try planting plants that will come back each year.
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities
Center: Outdoors
Topic: Rocks
Content: Science
Area: Fine Motor
Age: Kindergarten
Interaction: Large Group

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