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Rest Time




1. By the time they are five years old, most children are outgrowing their naps. However, they still need time to relax. Here are some ideas to calm things down.
2. Turn out all the lights, leaving a small reading light on. Play quiet music or environmental sounds tapes.
3. Gather for story time with pillows and blankets; as the children get sleepy and want to lie down, they can leave on their own to go to their rest spot.
4. Learn some yoga deep breathing and relaxation exercises (check your library for books or look on the Internet). Lead the children in these exercises, encouraging them to notice how their bodies feel. If they want to rest, they can go to their mats.
5. Let the children do a quiet activity on their mats, such as writing in a journal, coloring, reading, or just thinking.
6. If children can remain quiet, they can sit together and whisper, share a book, or work a puzzle.
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities
Center: Transition
Topic: Letters/Sounds/Words
Content: Health & Safety
Area: Language
Age: Kindergarten
Interaction: Large Group

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