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Pool Party


three small plastic wading pools: small, medium, and large
variety of water toys and containers for transferring water


1. In warm weather, have a Sprinkler Day!
2. Ask the children to help arrange the three empty pools in a line by size.
Let them fill each pool using a hose. Predict how long it will take for each
pool to fill. Use a stopwatch to keep track of the time.
3. After filling all three pools, compare how long it took to fill each one.
4. Ask the children to predict how many of them will fit in each pool. Let them
sit in each pool, one at a time, until the pool is full of children. Count how
many children are in the pools when full. Again, make a few comments that
will lead to the children brainstorming about why each pool held different
numbers of children.
5. Provide water toys and containers for transferring water. If the children show
interest in transferring water, ask them to predict how many times they will
have to travel back and forth in order to move all the water in the small pool
to the other two pools. You will need LOTS of time for this!
6. Turn on the sprinkler and have fun!
More to do Make some mini-pools for tabletop play when the weather is cold. Purchase
three pie tins in three different sizes. Add small plastic dolls, some finely cut
blue tissue paper, and some small rubber balls and have a pretend pool party!

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