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Peekaboo Shape Hunters


white cardstock 6” x 6” (1 per child)
scissors (adult only)
child-safe scissors


l In the center of each piece of cardstock, draw a square, circle, triangle, ordiamond, each about 3" in size.l Cut these shapes out for the children.l Draw the shape a second time around the center of the first shape you cutout. For example, cut out a circle and then draw another circle inside thecutout circle. This is the line the children will cut along to make theirPeekaboo Shape Hunters.What to Do1. Tell the children that they will be making a Peekaboo Shape Hunter.2. Help the children cut along the second shape drawing. Each child should thenhave a shape within a shape.3. Show the children how to hold their Peekaboo Shape Hunter up to their eyesand look around the room for matching shapes.4. Encourage all the children with a square Shape Hunter to get up and look fordifferent squares around the room. Do the same for the rest of the childrenwith different shapes.5. When the children spot a shape that matches their shape, they can point to itand shout, "Peekaboo square!"6. Give all the children a chance to look for shapes.AssessmentTo assess the children's learning, consider the following:l Can the child cut out her shape accurately?l Can the child locate shapes that match her Peekaboo Shape Hunter?
Book: Learn Every Day About Shapes
Center: Toys & Games/Manipulatives/Table Toys/Fine Motor
Topic: Shapes
Content: Mathematics
Area: Fine Motor
Age: 4 Years Old
Interaction: Small Group

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