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Parachute People


  • 8”-10” (20-25 cm) squares of lightweight cloth or tissue paper, white or colored. Cheesecloth will also work as long as the weave isn’t too loose and open.
  • 12” (30 cm) lengths of thread, 4 per parachute
  • Beeswax or clay


  1. Tie the thread to the four corners of the cloth by scrunching up each corner, wrapping one end of the thread around it a few times, and tying a knot. Leave the other end of the string free.
  2. Attach the other three strings. Gather the loose ends together and tie them into a knot.
  3. Embed the knot in a ball of beeswax or clay (a pencil point helps with this), and if you like, for a little person. Just make a very general shape; don’t make it too detailed.
  4. The older children will be able to make these on their own. The younger ones will need some help or may just want to play with them after you’ve made them.
  5. Note: You can help the children cut their own string by taping a piece that is the correct length on the table. They can use it as a measuring gauge.

More to do

  • More art: Decorate the cloth before assembling the parachute.
  • Science: Drop different objects at the same time and observe the results.

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Art & Craft Activities for Children 3 to 6
Center: Art
Topic: Air
Content: The Arts: Visual Arts
Area: Fine Motor
Age: Kindergarten
Interaction: Individual Child

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