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Opposite Stamps

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6

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variety of stamps (old and new)


1. Preparation: Collect a variety of stamps from all over the world. Perhaps a
post office will be willing to donate stamps for this worthy educational
2. Place the stamps in a box or container in the post office learning center.
3. Let the children explore the stamps. Stay in the center to guide the children.
Ask probing questions such as:
* “Can you find stamps that look like they came from a hot place?” (For
example, a desert might be represented by a palm tree.) “What would be
the opposite of a hot place? If it’s not hot, it’s _____.”
* “Can you find stamps that look like they came from a cold place?”
* “Can you find a picture of a woman?” “What would be the opposite of a
woman?” “If you’re not a woman or girl, you’re a ____ or _____.”
* “Can you find pictures of men?”
* “Can you find a stamp that looks like nighttime?” “What would be the
opposite of nighttime? If it’s not night, it’s ____.”
4. If desired, encourage the children to work independently to make pairs of
opposite representations with the stamps. (This will depend on the skill level
of the group.)

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