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Old Fashioned Bread and Butter


ingredients to make bread
bread-making machine or oven
clean glass jar
heavy cream
pictures of pioneer living (optional)
Little Red Hen story


1. Ask the children if they know how bread is made or how butter is made.
Explain that ways of life continue to change. For instance, there are many
machines that have been invented in the past few hundred years, and many
more are invented every day. Tell them that people used to grow and raise
their own food and did not have grocery stores to buy everything.
2. Tell the children that they are going to make their own bread and butter.
While they will learn a little more about how things used to be done, it will
be much easier for them than pioneers (who had to grow the wheat and
milk the cow!).
3. Ask the children to wash their hands. Put out bread-making ingredients (use
any favorite recipe) and heavy cream.
4. Encourage the children to measure and mix the ingredients for homemade
bread while they take turns shaking a jar filled with heavy cream. The cream
will thicken and turn to butter right in front of them!
5. Bake the bread and serve with fresh butter.
6. Read the story The Little Red Hen as children eat.

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