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Neighborhood Alphabet


alphabet cards


Make a chart with these words and their matching initial letters:

a address
b block
c corner
d driveway
e entrance sign
f fence
g garden
h house
i ice cream truck
j July 4th party
k kids
l library
m mailbox
n neighbor
o outdoors
p park
q quiet zone
r recycle bins
s sandbox
t trees
u U-turn
v vegetable garden
w welcome sign
x children x-ing (children
crossing sign)
y yard
z petting zoo
What To Do
1. Read the children one of the neighborhood books (listed to the left). Talk with
the children about the different neighborhood words. Explain that they will be
learning some new words that neighbors use in their neighborhoods.
2. Show the children the alphabet chart. Recite the alphabet with the children
and explain all the unfamiliar words on the chart. Demonstrate for the
children how to find the first letter of each word, and then how to find the
matching letter card.
3. Ask a child to choose a word from the chart and name the letter. Ask the child
to choose a friend to find the matching letter card. Point out the first letter
of the word and discuss how the shape of the letter matches: straight lines,
curved lines, and so on. Continue as long as the children are interested.
To assess the children's learning, consider the following:
l Can the children recognize letters of the alphabet?
l Can the children recite the alphabet?
l Can the children point to the first letter of a word?
Book: Learn Every Day About Social Studies
Center: Library/Book/ ABC Center
Topic: Letters/Sounds/Words
Content: Literacy
Area: Language
Age: 4 Years Old
Interaction: Small Group

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