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Nature Necklaces

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Welcome spring with this nature necklaces activity! We know that interacting with nature is beneficial for children on many levels, but sometimes it can be difficult for teachers to know how to incorporate nature into children's days. This nature necklaces activity from The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6 can be done outside or inside (with collected nature items brought indoors) and incorporated easily into other curriculum or learning centers. 



  • Items from nature 
  • Cardboard
  • Yarn 
  • Clear contact paper

What To Do

  1. Beforehand, visit an area where the children can walk and where they can collect nature items. Collect items that the children will be able to find, such as leaves, seeds, flowers, one item for each child.
  2. Back in the classroom, cut circles of cardboard small enough to be worn as a medallion but large enough to hold the gathered nature item.
  3. Mount a nature item on each piece of cardboard.
  4. Cover the cardboard and nature item with clear contact paper.
  5. Punch a hole at the top of the cardboard circle, put a piece of yarn through the hole and tie it to make a necklace.
  6. Give each child a necklace. Have her look closely at the item. Explain to the children that they will be going on a nature walk to look for items just like the ones on their necklaces. Walk to the area where you gathered the items and allow the children to look for items that match their Nature Necklaces.

More To Do

  • Art: Gather extra items and use them to make a collage. Ask older children to draw a picture of their nature item.
  • Math: Make a graph representing the different types of nature items the children found. Record how many leaves, how many seeds, etc., they found.
  • Transitions: Use the different types of items on the necklaces as a transition tool: "Children with flower necklaces may line up. Children with leaf necklaces may line up...."

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6
Center: Outdoors
Topic: Flowers/Trees/Nature/Earth
Content: Science
Area: Fine Motor, Science, Art, Outdoor Learning
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Large Group

PDF Available

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