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My Own Box

My own box-01


  • small boxes (one for each child)
  • variety of small items to go into the boxes (sorting bears, shapes, numbers, or
  • letters; travel-size Etch-a-Sketch, small containers of playdough, small pads
  • of paper and pencils, small boxes of crayons)
  • markers, crayons, and paints
  • collage materials
  • glue


What to do

1. Waiting for others to get ready can be a trying time for young children. Make a "My Own Box" for each child to use during this difficult transition.

2. Give each child a small box and let him decorate it using items in the art center. Keep in mind that these boxes will be handled daily so glued-on items might come off easily.

3. Give the children paper to print their names. Glue each child's name to the front of his box.

4. Decide where you will store the boxes. If the children's cubbies are large enough, store them there. Otherwise, store them on a low shelf or in an easily accessible basket.

5. Fill each child's box with a variety of small toys and activities. You might want to let the children help fill the boxes so they can choose the items they want. Or fill them yourself so they will be surprised.

6. When transitioning from one activity to another in a large group, let the children who are ready early use their boxes.

7. Frequently change the items in the box so the children will not lose inerest.


-Virginia Jean Herrod, Columbia, SC

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Transition Activities for Children 3 to 6
Center: Transition
Content: Self Help
Area: Fine Motor
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Individual Child

PDF Available

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