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Money Dominoes

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Math Activities for Children 3 to 6









3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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pattern of a domino (4” x 2” rectangle divided in the middle)
colored pictures of various coins
copy machine
glue stick


1. Make a set of dominoes with coins instead of dots.
2. To make a set of money dominoes, copy domino patterns onto tagboard.
Make enough so that each child will get one.
3. Glue each coin picture onto separate ends of a domino.
4. Laminate the dominoes for durability, and cut out.
5. Explain that Abraham Lincoln is on a penny, Thomas Jefferson is on a nickel,
Franklin D. Roosevelt is on a dime, and George Washington is on a quarter.
Discuss what is on the reverse side of each coin as well.
6. To play the game, mix up the dominoes. Place them face down in the center
of the table or play area.
7. Have each player choose five dominoes and hold them so the other player(s)
cannot see them.
8. Move the extra supply of dominoes to one side.
9. Place one domino face up in the middle of the playing space.
10. The first player tries to match either end of the beginning domino with one
from her playing pieces.
11. If the player cannot make a match, then one domino from the supply is
chosen by that player and he tries again until a match can be made or until
she has drawn three dominoes.
12. Play continues around the table, with each player trying to add a domino to
the display. Players build off the ends of doubles as well as at the ends of a
domino train.
13. The game ends when one player runs out of dominoes or until no more
matches can be made.
14. The player with the fewest dominoes remaining wins the game.

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