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Mirror Mirror

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3 through 4 Years Old


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Old compact disks
Decorative adhesive paper


1. Collect old compact disks, such as the free ones that come in the mail from
Internet service providers. Cover the label side of each disk with decorative
adhesive paper, leaving the reflective side of the disk completely uncovered.
2. You now have little mirrors that the children can use in a variety of ways.
They are safe because they have no sharp edges and are virtually
3. When the sun is shining through a window, show the children how to hold
the mirror in the beam and reflect it throughout the room.
4. Use the mirrors when doing self-esteem activities. Give the children a mirror
and ask them to describe who they see. Record their thoughts and post them
in the room.
5. Encourage the children to use their imaginations to discover the many uses
of mirrors.
More to do
Art: Use the mirrors to make a decorative and reflective wall hanging. String
several disks together in a row. Hang in the room in a sunny spot.
More Art: Encourage the children to look at their reflections and draw selfportraits.
Social Development: Use the mirrors as tools to help the children learn about
emotions. When a child is angry, happy, or discouraged, ask him to get a mirror
so he can look at his face. Encourage him to notice the clues in his facial
expression that show his emotions. For example, say, “See, Jamal, your mouth is
all turned down at the corners. This shows me that you are sad or upset.”
Original poem
“Mirror Mirror”
Mirror mirror! Look at me! (hold mirror up to reflect own image)
I look so fine as you can see! (smile broadly at self in mirror)
I have two eyes, two ears, two cheeks,
One nose, one mouth with many teeth (touch each part as it is mentioned)
I’m looking good! I’m looking grand! (make a “thumbs up” gesture with free
Look at me in the mirror in my hand. (point to self in mirror)

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