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Matching Friends


photos of each child in class (double prints)
clear contact paper


1. Cover each photo with clear contact paper. If desired, back photos with
construction paper before covering with contact paper.
2. Use the photos for a memory game. Turn the photos face down and
encourage the children to take turns turning them over to find a match.
3. This is great for matching skills as well as learning about their classmates.
More to do Group or Circle Time: This is a great way for children to learn each other’s
names. Cover a coffee can with red contact paper. Put one photo of each
child inside. Sing, “I’m glad I have a little red can to put (child’s name) in; I’d
take her out and kiss, kiss, kiss and put her back again.” Children love this
activity and will soon learn everyone’s name.
Home-School Connection: Extend this idea to include photos of parents.

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