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Make Your Own Hand Puppets for Infants and Toddlers

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Dramatic play experiences contribute to infant's and toddler's vocabulary development, and to their comprehension of the real world. In this hand puppets activity from Making Toys for Infants and Toddlers, young children will gain social-emotional skills as they act out dramatic scenarios with the puppets, or as you narrate the puppets for them! The beauty of hand-made toys is that they are novel and interesting to young children without costing much money, and can be discarded when they get worn out. Get the book for tons of ideas for creating unique, exciting toys and props to help young children learn in appropriate ways! 


  • Baby Mittens or socks
  • Colored non-toxic permanent markets or needle and thread (adults only)

What to Do

  • Draw or sew faces on the mittens or socks.
  • Or, if desired, add full body details including clothes.

How to Use

  • Put the socks or mittens on an infant's hands.
  • Narrate the child's actions as she moves and notices her hands with the puppets on them.

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