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Mail Call

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3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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large box
craft knife (adult only)
shoeboxes with lids (one for each child)
list of the children’s addresses
self-stick folder labels
permanent marker
ride-on toy or toy cart


1. Work as a group to make the mailbox. Cut a mail slot (adult only) in the front
of a large box that will fold up and down so the mail can be deposited.
2. Give each child a single shoebox. Help them write their house numbers on
two self-stick labels. Ask them to attach one to their boxes and keep the
others to attach to a letter.
3. Cut a slit in the top of each shoebox (adult only), large enough for a letter to
fit through. Children can remove the lid to get mail.
4. Set up the mailboxes on the opposite sides of the room from each other, so
that the mail carriers can “deliver” the mail to the boxes on their cart.
5. Encourage the children to draw pictures and dictate or write messages to
each other and put them in an envelope. You might want to assign pairs of
children to write letters to each other. This ensures that every child will
receive mail.
6. Children can attach the second address labels to their envelopes and put
them in the mailboxes.
7. Give each child a chance to deliver the mail.

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