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Letters to Friends


pre-addressed and stamped envelopes for each child
pencils and crayons
books about post offices


1. Depending on your time and budget, ask each family to send in an envelope,
stamped and addressed to their child, or prepare all the envelopes yourself.
2. Tell the children that they will be sending a letter to a friend in the class, and
in a few days, each of them will receive a letter at her house!
3. Randomly pass out the envelopes to the children, either in a small group
setting or to a few at a time during free choice time. To avoid hurt feelings,
children should not select whom they want to write letters to. Encourage
them to keep their letter a surprise so the recipient will have to wait until the
letter arrives at her house.
4. Encourage the children to write the name of the child they are sending the
letter to and draw a picture. Help them write a message if they’d like to
include one.
5. Mail the letters together, if possible.
6. Read a story about the post office, or show a video clip of your own post
7. Invite a postal worker to visit your classroom to describe his or her work,
show his or her mailbags and bins, and explain the machines in a post office.
8. Ask children to let you know when they receive their letters and see if there
are any differences as to when children get their letters. “Why would some
take two days, and some take three days?”

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6

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3 through 4 Years Old


Small Group

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