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Learning About Babies


books about babies
baby photos of the children
photo album or bulletin board
baby clothing, shoes, and accessories (pacifiers, blankets, teething rings,
and so on)


1. It is fun and helpful to start this unit when one of the children in the class
has a new baby sibling, but it can also be done as part of a study of family
2. Tell the children that they are going to learn about babies. Read baby books
together and discuss the uniqueness of each person born in the world.
3. Ask parents to send in baby photos of the children. Mount the photos on a
bulletin board or put them in a photo album. Ask the children to dictate
captions about their photos that you will write underneath the photos on
the bulletin board or in the photo album.
4. Ask the children what they know about babies, and write down what they
say. Let the children illustrate their quotes. Add these to the bulletin board or
photo album.
5. Let children practice their lacing, snapping, and buttoning skills using baby
garments and tiny baby shoes with laces.
6. If possible, ask a parent to visit the class with a baby and let the children ask
questions about the baby.
7. Prepare typical baby foods to eat at snack time, such as applesauce, hot
cereal, and pureed carrots.
8. Encourage the children to move like babies, for example, crawling, toddling,
and rolling over.
9. Reflect upon how much the children have grown and learned since they
were babies.

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