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Learn Not to Burn

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6

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3 through 4 Years Old


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picture of a firefighter


1. Show the children a picture of a firefighter and talk about how this person
might save them if they were ever in a fire. Talk about what firefighters do.
2. Play the following game with the children. Explain that smoke rises in a fire.
Tell the children that if they ever smell or see smoke, they should get down
on the floor below the smoke so they can breathe fresh air. Pick half of the
children to play “smoke” while the remaining children try to get away from
the smoke. The “smoke” children stand in a line with their legs shoulderwidth
apart. The other children crawl on their hands and knees and go under
the “smoke” (crawl through the children’s open legs). Let the children take
turns playing smoke and crawlers.
3. Encourage the children to sing the following song as they play.

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