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Koosh Ball Painting

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Large outdoor space
old clothes
several colors of tempera paint
tin pie pans, one for each color of paint
several Koosh balls
one flat white sheet (twin or full size) 
spring-type clothespins
large bucket of warm soapy water
permanent markers


1. Make sure the children wear old clothes and paint smocks or shirts for this
messy activity, and do it outdoors only!
2. Pour several colors of tempera paint in the pie pans.
3. Place a Koosh ball in each pie pan.
4. Use clothespins to attach the sheet to a fence or other outdoor structure.
Keep in mind that whatever you attach the sheet to will also be splattered with
paint. Cover any exposed wall or fence with old newspapers, if you wish.
5. Place the pie pans several feet from the sheet.
6. Let the children take turns throwing a paint-soaked Koosh ball at the sheet.
7. Put the used Koosh balls back in the pie pans for other children to use.
8. Continue until the sheet is satisfactorily covered in paint splotches.
9. After the sheet dries, the children can use a permanent marker to sign their
names to their creation. Children can also use markers to create pictures from
the paint splotches.
10. Inspect the sheet with the children. Point out where two colors blended
together to make a third color. Point out how three colors combined make
yet another color. Name all the colors on the sheet.
11. Display for all to see.
More to do
Instead of Koosh balls, use sponges. This makes the activity much messier but
provides a more satisfying splatter on the sheet.

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