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I Can Wait


books or theme-related item


1. To help children wait while everyone is coming to group or circle time, place
a book at each child’s spot to look at while they’re waiting for the others to
join the group.
2. Or, when the children take their spots, give them a theme-related item that
will lead into the group lesson. Let children guess what the item is about. The
following items would be perfect: cardboard shape, letter or numeral,
feather, rock, piece of string or cloth, seashell, ribbon, or a large item to pass
3. The first person seated in the “ready to learn” position can be the holder of a
special object, stuffed animal, puppet, or magic rock.
More to do If you prefer not to have a permanent large group configuration, invest in
carpet squares for “sit-upons,” which are 12” x 18” vinyl pads. Place the labeled
pads in the group arrangement you need for particular activity. Hiding a piece
of tape or card under the pad serves the purpose of choosing who will go first,
who is the leader, or who has a special job for the selected activity.

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Transition Activities for Children 3 to 6



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