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Hi, Neighbor




What To Do
1. Explain to the children that a
neighbor is anyone who lives near
where they live. A neighbor could be
someone who lives or works in their
town. Ask for examples of neighbors,
such as store workers, police, letter
carriers, people next door, and so on.
2. Discuss different ways to say hello, or
greet people, in a friendly way (smile,
wave, shake hands, speak with
kindness), and why it is important to
be friendly to neighbors.
3. Teach the following song with all the motions:
Hi, Neighbor by Kay Flowers
(Tune: "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes")
I smile at people that I see...on the street. (trace smile on face with fingers)
I wave to neighbors that I meet...on the street, (wave to one another)
Being friendly is the proper way to greet; (shake hands with those on either side)
So smile at people on your street...on your street. (smile and wave)
Teacher - to - Teacher Tip
l Use this song as a fun transition as children walk from one activity to another,
down a hallway, or out to the playground.
To assess the children's learning, consider the following:
l Do the children greet others outside their own classroom?
l Can the children sing the song and do the appropriate motions?
Book: Learn Every Day About Social Studies
Center: Music & Movement
Topic: Community
Content: The Arts: Music
Area: Social-Emotional
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Large Group

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