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Hello, Autumn!

Hello, autumn-01

Celebrate the new season and the beautiful changing leaves with this creative activity from Learn Every Day About Seasons

Leaves are Falling Down

Perfect for ages 3+


Learning Objectives

The children will

  • Learn how leaves fall in autumn.
  • Learn the names of autumn colors.



  • Autumn
  • Brown
  • Fall
  • Orange
  • Season
  • Yellow



  • Real fallen leaves



  • Prior to this activity, go outside with the children and have each child choose a fallen leaf to bring inside.
  • Alternatively, consider bringing in store-bought artificial leaves.


What to Do

1. Gather the children together and talk with them about their fallen leaves. Ask the children to identify the leaves’ colors, and to talk about how the leaves feel.

2. Teach the children the following action rhyme:

The Wind Is Blowing by Ingelore Mix

The wind is blowing, blowing, (children weave back and forth)

And leaves are falling down.

First fall all the yellows, (children with yellow leaves sit down)

Then red, (children holding red leaves sit down)

And orange, (children holding orange leaves sit down)

And now brown. (children holding brown leaves sit down)

3. After the children complete the rhyme, invite them to trade leaves with the other children and recite the rhyme again.



To assess the children’s learning, consider the following:

  • Can the children say what leaves do in the fall?
  • Can the children name the colors leaves turn in the fall? Can the children identify these colors in the leaves?


-Ingelore Mix, Amherst, NH

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