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Healthy Hearts Journals

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities For Children 3 to 6



Health & Safety


Adaptive (self-help)


3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

PDF Available


large sheet of paper
gross motor equipment
children’s music CDs
exercise videos
journals (1 per child)


* February is National Heart Month.
1. At circle time, ask the question of the day: “What does it mean to
be healthy?”
2. Let each child answer the question.
3. Write the responses on a large sheet of paper and post in the room.
4. Use the responses relating to physical activities to extend the
5. Talk about what the children can do at school to be physically active
and have healthy hearts. Make a plan to track each child’s physical
activities in individual “Healthy Heart Journals.”
6. Introduce a variety of gross motor equipment for the children to
7. Change the equipment weekly or before children get bored. Provide
music and exercise videos.
8. Have the children log each day’s accomplishments in their journals
each time they exercise.
9. Use some of the journals every day as a recall activity. Ask the group
who would like to share their activities for the day.
10. Support the children’s efforts with encouragement and praise.
More to do Dramatic Play: Transform the dramatic play area into a doctor’s office.
Encourage children to go there after exercising and have a “doctor” listen to
their hearts, weigh them, measure them, and so on.
Home-School Connection: Send the journals home for families to write
activities accomplished at home.

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