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Have Some “Good Clean Fun” this Holiday Season!

Good Clean Fun is packed with more than 70 seriously simple, fabulously fun games for families to enjoy together! Filled with games for everything from memory to imagination, the creative games in this book are easy to play and fun to do!

The Thirteenth Day of Christmas 

  • 2 or more players
  • Ages 7+

In this holiday memory game, one player begins by saying, “On the thirteenth day of Christmas, I returned to the store, one __________,” filling in the blank with any item (the sillier the better!). The item does not have to be from the “olden days,” like the “maids-a-milking” or “geese-a-laying” featured in the popular song. The game is more fun if the players are very descriptive--for example, one moustache-less walrus or one round-trip ticket to the moon.

The second player repeats, “On the thirteenth day of Christmas, I returned to the store two (filling in the blank with an item) and one (repeating the first player’s item).“

The next player then repeats the phrase, adding a “three” to the configuration. Play continues until a player forgets one of the items. That player leaves the game and the game continues until one player is left.

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