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Hand Washing with Bubble Magic


Running water


1. Many children find it difficult to wash their hands with soap. The following is
a way to make it both enjoyable and magical. First, ask the children if they
believe in magic. Since most of them will reply, “Yes,” the steps that follow
are easy.
2. Ask the children to put some soap on their hands. Tell them that the more
they put on, the bigger their magic will be.
3. Then, ask the children to put enough water on their hands to make bubbles.
4. Encourage them to rub their hands together quickly. They will watch in
amazement as the amount of bubbles grows larger and larger!
5. Tell them to say, “Abracadabra,” and put their hands under the tap. (Usually
they ask me to look away so they can do their magic.)
6. Once the bubbles have disappeared, congratulate them and tell them that it
was the best magic trick ever. (Most of the children that I have done this with
have been three- or four-year olds. They can’t wait to show mom or dad their
“disappearing bubble trick!”)

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