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Gross Motor Fun With Colors and Shapes


4 different colors of paper


1. Cut out four different shapes (about 4 to 6”) from four different colors of paper
(for example, red circle, yellow triangle, blue square, and green rectangle).
Cut out enough so that every child playing will have each of the four
different colored shapes.
2. Give each child four colored shapes.
3. Ask them to lay the shapes in any order around their body: one in front, one
in back, and one on each side. There should be enough room for the child to
stand in the middle of all four without touching any shape.
4. Call out a body part, color, and shape. The children then try and put that
body part on the colored shape. Sometimes it is a balancing act, and
sometimes it is silly but no matter what, the children enjoy the challenge.
5. After they have all tried it, ask them to stand in the middle of their shapes
again, not touching any of the shapes.
6. Repeat, using a different body part, shape, and color for the children to try.
7. After doing a couple more, you can go around the circle and ask each child
to take a turn to pick some combination of body part, color, and shape for
everyone to try.

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