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Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Math Activities for Children 3 to 6









3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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long white vinyl window shade
permanent marker
small photo of each child
index cards or card stock
clear packaging tape


1. Roll open the window
shade and hold or tape
it down on a flat surface
for easy drawing.
2. Use permanent marker
to draw four parallel
lines down the length of
the shade, making five
3. Starting at the bottom
of the shade, draw lines
along the width of the
shade until there are a
few more spaces than
there are children.
4. Starting at the bottom
again, skip one row, and
begin numbering the
rows from 0 to 20
(depending on the
number of children in
the class).
5. Mount each child’s
photo on an index card
or card stock and cover
with a layer of plastic
tape. Help the children
write their names on the card beneath their photos.
What to do 1. Pick a question of the day each day. Use the bottom spaces on the graph as
places for response labels (such as a happy face for yes or a sad face for no).
2. Put the graph on the floor, and ask the children the question of the day. For
example, “Did you drink milk at breakfast?” or “Do you have a dog?”
3. Invite the children to respond by placing their picture cards in boxes in the
appropriate columns.
4. Discuss the results, using numbers and comparison words like more and less.

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