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Generosity is Fun! Gift-Making Activities for the Little Ones

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Everyone loves getting a gift, but giving a gift can be just as fun! The boundless creativity of young learners can easily reveal itself through unique gifts that any caregiver would be thrilled to receive. Decorative picture frames, colorful clay pots, or beautiful paintings make excellent gifts for birthdays and holidays. Don’t have a birthday coming up? No problem! “Just because” gifts are always a generous way to brighten up someone’s day.

Stephani Mueller and Ann Wheeler, authors of 101 Great Gifts Kids can Make, offer tons of gift ideas that young learners can make on their own! These simple, creative gift activities are a great way to bring a little generosity into your art projects and help strengthen the bond between school and family.

Try these gift ideas in your classroom.

Love Bug Plant Stake


How to Make it:

  1. Create a “love bug” by gluing two wiggly eyes, a variety of pipe cleaners, and heart-shaped collage materials onto the Styrofoam ball
  2. After the bug is dry, push the ball onto the end of a craft stick and secure with a few drops of glue
  3. When the plant stake is completely dry, attach a copy of the following poem to the craft stick using ribbon

This little love bug is from me to you.

She sits in your plants and has a special message too.

Every time you see her, watching all you do

She is your reminder that I love you!


Creative Calendar


How to Make it:

  1. Place a piece of paper on top of the report cover, learning only a one-inch border of the cover exposed
  2. Decorate the exposed edges of the report cover with a variety of stickers
  3. Remove the paper from the top of the cover and insert the paper calendar into the report cover. Position the calendar so that is visible through the transparent cover and is framed by the stickers


Beaded Candle


  • Small candles
  • Beaded studs (metal or rhinestone)
  • Small plastic hammers

How to Make it:

  1. Push the beaded studs into the sides of the candle. Cover all sides, avoiding the top and bottom of the candle
  2. Use plastic hammers to drive in the studs as needed

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