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Funny Face Sandwiches


Foods to use as facial features (see activity below)
Tub of whipped cream cheese
Creamy peanut butter
Small paper plates
English muffins,  1/2 for each child
Plastic knives
Food containers and spoons
Hand mirror, optional


1. Put a variety of foods into bowls for the children to use as facial features. Be
creative and offer a variety of choices. (HINT: Go to a market where you can
see and choose small quantities from bulk bins.) Following are some
EYES: green grapes, black olives (cut in halves), gumdrops, circular cereal
NOSES: almonds, dried apricots, miniature marshmallows
MOUTHS: tomato wedges, pieces of red “shoestring” licorice or fruit
EARS: banana chips, pickle pieces, cheese curls
HAIR: alfalfa sprouts, shredded carrots, coconut flakes (can be dyed
yellow with food coloring)
2. Put out a tub of whipped cream cheese and a bowl of creamy peanut butter
for the children to use as “skin.”
3. Use a marker and a paper plate for each step of the recipe as shown in the
a. skin
b. eyes
c. nose
d. mouth
e. ears
f. hair
g. face
4. Put the recipe plates and ingredients on a table in chronological order. If the
table is a rectangle, go from left to right. If it’s a circle, go counter-clockwise.
5. Introduce the activity by reviewing the parts of the face. Ask, “Where is your
hair? How many eyes do you have? How many ears? Is your skin light or
dark?” Pass around a hand mirror, if desired.
6. Say, “We’re going to make “Funny Face’ sandwiches for our snack today. First
we’ll spread the skin and make two eyes. Next we’ll add a nose and mouth.
Then two ears. Last we’ll add the hair. You can make your face as funny as
you want. Have a good laugh and then gobble it up!”
7. Guide each child along in following the steps in the process. Proceed to the
giggle-and-gobble stage!
More to do
Social Development: This activity supports positive self-image, lends itself well to
talking about physical differences among people, and relates to clowns/circus

Book: GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 3-Year-Olds





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3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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