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Five Little Crayons

Five little crayons-01-2


  • a box of eight basic colors
  • colored squares or counters for each child


What to Do

l Make a chart with the words to the fingerplay below, using colored markers to match the color names used in the fingerplay.

1. Teach the children the following fingerplay. Ask them to hold up the correct colored square or counter to match the color mentioned in the fingerplay.

Five Little Crayons by Susan Oldham Hill

Five little crayons ready to draw
The most colorful picture you ever saw.
The red one said, "I'll make a stop sign."
The green one said, "I'll color a lime."
The yellow one said, "I'll draw sunshine in the air."
The brown one said, "I'll make a grizzly bear."
The blue one said, "I'll color in the sky."
So they used their colors to make things shine.
Five little crayons ready to draw
The most colorful picture you ever saw.

2. Mention other colors and items traditionally seen in that color, such as carrots for orange.

3. Ask the children to find the color names in the poem.

4. Ask them to look for two lines that are the same.


To assess the children's learning, consider the following:

  • l Can the children repeat the song on their own?
  • l Can the children look in a box of crayons to identify the colors they name in the song?


-Susan Oldham Hill, Lakeland, FL

Book: Learn Every Day About Colors
Center: Music & Movement
Topic: Colors
Content: Science
Area: Language
Age: 4 Years Old
Interaction: Individual Child

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