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Fish Faces


canned tuna
foods to decorate the fish faces, such as red
pepper, mild olives, corn, raisins, cheese, carrots, and so on


* Find pictures or drawings of a fish seen head on.
* Drain tuna and mix with mayonnaise.
* Cut cucumber into thin slices, then slice into two.
* Cut other foods into appropriate shapes, such as curved pieces of red pepper
for mouth.
* Spoon a small quantity of tuna onto each piece of bread or toast in a circular
What to Do
1. Show the children pictures of fish.
2. Ask the children what features a fish face would have.
3. Show them your sample fish face and get them to identify the features.
4. Give each child the tuna circle on bread or toast.
5. Encourage the children to make fish faces, using cucumber to make scales
around the mound of tuna. Suggest making eyes with cheese circles and
raisins or olives slices, and a mouth with pepper slices and corn teeth.
6. Ask them to make a face on their fish with the food ingredients available.
7. Eat the fish faces at snack time.
Teacher - to - Teacher Tip
* Older children may be able to do much of the preparation too.
Consider the following:
* Can the children recognize what facial features should not appear on their
fish face, such as a nose and eyebrows?
* Can the children create a recognizable fish face with the ingredients?
Book: Learn Every Day About Animals
Center: Cooking
Topic: Animals
Content: Science
Area: Cognitive
Age: 4 Years Old
Interaction: Small Group

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