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Felt Flower Craft Idea

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Spring has sprung! With trees budding and gardens blooming, now is the perfect time to teach your little learners about flowers. Flowers are fascinating, the bright colors and soft petals instantly catching children’s attention. Flowers also present a great teaching opportunity; children can learn all about pollination and how plants grow.

Making fake flowers is a spring staple in any early education classroom, but why not change things up by adding a scientific or sensory element? Felt craft sheets let children recreate the softness of flower petals, while adding seeds to their creation helps them learn how new flowers are created. Try this felt sunflower activity to teach children all about flowers while providing them with a pretty decoration to take home!


What to Do:

  1. Before class, cut small petal shapes from the felt. Make sure there are enough for each child to make a flower.
  2. Start by talking to the class about flowers. Tell them how they have pollen in their center, and how that pollen acts like seeds and helps other flowers grow.
  3. Take out the sunflower or picture of a sunflower and invite them to examine it. Show them the softness of the petals and identify the other parts of the flower (stem, center, leaves).
  4. Mix some of the yellow tempera paint with the glue in some paint cups and give them to the children. Instruct the children to paint the entire surface of the plate, and then to place the petals in the glue along the plate’s edge.
  5. After the petals are glued in place, instruct the children to place sunflower seeds in the middle of the plate, representing the seed-filled center of the sunflower.
  6. Make an arrangement of the finished sunflowers on your bulletin board or send them home with the students.

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