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Book: GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 4-Year-Olds

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4 Years Old


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10 blank index cards
Strip of paper about 1’ x 10’ (30 cm x 300 cm)


1. Beforehand, draw a complete meal on one of the blank index cards. Also,
write the numbers one through ten and “start” at even intervals on the strip of
2. Discuss with the children what they can do to help keep their bodies healthy.
For example, eat healthy foods, sleep, exercise, wash their hands before eating,
clean their bodies, brush their teeth, and so on.
3. Briefly review the food groups with the children. Ask them to name some
examples of foods in each group.
4. Show the children the nine blank index cards and the card with the meal picture
on it. Explain the game to the children. You may want to be the “hungry
person” first to demonstrate.
5. Place the number strip on the floor and put an index card face down under
each number on the strip. (Mix up the cards so that the children do not know
which number the meal card is under.)
6. Choose a child to be the “hungry child” and ask her to stand on “start.” The
other children will take turns telling the child how many steps to move. (For
example, “Go forward three steps.”) At each number on which the child
stops, she will look at the index card to see if she has found her meal.
7. The children continue to give commands until the child finds the meal card.
8. Allow each child to take a turn being the “hungry child.”
9. Depending on the children’s ability, you can return the cards to their face
down position to encourage them to remember which ones are blank, or
collect them in your hand.
10. Review by asking the children to name the foods on the meal card and in
which food group they belong.

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