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Family Paper Bag Story


paper bag


1. Invite families and/or caregivers to come into the classroom and
participate in a story-telling exercise.
2. Gather everyone together and put a paper bag in front of you. Ask the
children to pick one item from the classroom to place in the bag. They
must do this quickly!
3. Once all the objects are in the bag, pull them out of the bag and use
them to begin telling a story. Use two or three of the objects and then
ask if anyone would like to continue your story.
4. Anyone can participate, but if a person takes a turn, he or she should
use two or three objects and use them to continue with your story.
5. Once all the objects have been incorporated into the story, and all the
adults have participated (if they want to), take another turn to end the
story and wrap it up.
6. Once the story is finished the children love to tell you which object was
the one that they chose.

Book: The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities

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