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Earthworms, Ladybugs and Other Critter Observations

Bug Observations for Preschoolers

Bugs are a great way to introduce outdoor activities for preschoolers to your little learners. Toddler outdoor activities let kids explore the world around them all while practicing observation, investigation, and problem solving skills. Science for kids is the perfect way to introduce science concepts to children through fun activities that nurture children’s natural sense of curiosity.

Full of fun science activities for early years, Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Is a great resource for parents and teachers on the lookout for fun science activities all about bugs! Here’s an activity you can try with your little scientists today.


The Insect Song

Tune: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Head, thorax, abdomen,


Head, thorax, abdomen,


Six legs, four wings, antennae two,

Head, thorax, abdomen,




  • Have children move like insects: fly like a bee, hop like a grasshopper, scurry like an ant, (hover) in the air like a mosquito, and so on.


  • Have children choose a partner. Give each pair of children a 36”strip of yarn. Instruct them to make a circle on the ground with their yarn. Then give each pair of children a magnifying glass and ask them to search inside of their circle for bugs. Do they find any insects or bugs?


  • Provide pictures of insects and other bugs. Encourage the children to sort the bugs into two categories: insect and not an insect.

Home Connection:

  • Suggest that children ask their families to participate in an insect hunt outdoors. Have them keep count of how many different insects they find. Invite them to report their findings at school. Who found the most insects? 

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