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Dynamic Dinosaurs

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Art & Craft Activities for Children 3 to 6

The Arts: Visual Arts


Fine Motor




Individual Child

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Construction paper
Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
Paper fasteners


1. Divide the children into groups of four or five.
2. Ask each group to create a dinosaur and assign each child in the group a part of the dinosaur
body; for example, each child would be responsible for either the head, neck, body, legs, or tail
of the dinosaur.
3. Have the children spread out around the room and work apart from their group.
4. Supply the children with construction paper, drawing tools, and scissors. Ask each child to
design the body part that they are responsible for without looking at their partners’ designs.
5. When the children are ready, invite them to meet again as a group and connect the individual
parts with paper fasteners, creating a disjointed dinosaur with a very unusual appearance. Have
each group name their dinosaur.
6. Display the dinosaurs on a large wall or mural.
More to do
More art: Create 3-D dinosaurs with butcher paper; cut out two sides of a dinosaur and staple
them together leaving an opening, then stuff with newspaper and paint or decorate.
Game: Before you fasten the dinosaur parts together, group the children according to the part of
the dinosaur they created and assign each child in the group a number; call out their numbers in
sequence and have them assemble a dinosaur"continue until all possible combinations have
been made.

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