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Drive-Through Window

Drive-through window-01


  1. large refrigerator box
  2. craft knife (adult only)
  3. low table
  4. black construction paper
  5. masking tape
  6. yellow chalk
  7. house area equipment
  8. headphones
  9. two scooters
  10. cash register
  11. play food


  1. Set up a part of the house or dramatic play area with a "window." Do this by cutting out a window from a large box and placing it on a low table near the edge of the area.
  2. Tape black construction paper on the floor in front of the "window" to simulate the road. Draw yellow dashed lines on the black construction paper.
  3. Place two scooters on black construction paper for cars.
  4. Put headphones and a cash register by the window to take orders.
  5. Children can use play food from "to go" orders.

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6
Center: Dramatic Play/Pretend & Play/House Corner
Topic: Occupations
Content: The Arts: Dramatic Arts
Area: Cognitive
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Large Group

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